Water: How not to go thirsty in a crisis!

What is it that makes water such an interesting subject? Why would 70 people show up on a Thursday evening to learn more about and join a group discussion about the nuances of water purification and storage? In a word – Thirst!

Water is obviously a basic fact of life. Consider drinking, sanitation, cooking, and simply staying healthy. In as quick as three days, we can succumb to dehydration – sooner for those with medical problems! Having clean, safe, and present water sources and storage are important – especially if conditions change quickly.

In many locations around the world (and even in the United States where we take it for granted) the luxury of turning on a tap and having safe clean water is not a reality. Consider the many situations that would threaten our access to clean ever-present water. To name a few: natural disasters – like earthquakes, volcanoes, floods; loss of Read More

Welcome to Approaching Ready

Welcome to Approaching Ready

We are told that when we are prepared we will not fear. But how can we feel peace when “being prepared” is such an overwhelming objective?

Even though we may be far from 100% ready, we can feel peace and a calm sense of direction while on and in the journey. And that’s the point of Approaching Ready.

Welcome to Approaching Ready. This site is based on the idea that simple steps on a well-defined path, will move you toward a place of safety and readiness for any number of circumstances you can imagine or experience. Also, that peace comes from certainty in vision, purpose and action.

Approaching Ready happens when following these principles and steps:  Read More