Sanitation and Hygiene: Preparing to stay clean & healthy

In a busy modern world with modern conveniences and plenty of “normal”, little thought is given to what happens when normal isn’t so normal anymore. Perhaps one of the single most important advancements in human history was the beginning of modern sanitation methods. Disease and death plummeted when it was figured out that bad water, uncontrolled human waste and control of many health vectors (the conveyors of disease) were important to deal with satisfactorily. 

In a busy world of work-a-day work and urban survival, many take these advancements and conveniences for granted and have not considered what happens IF clean water stops flowing, toilets stop flushing, or any Read More

A Unifying Field Theory of Preparation: A Principled Basis for Approaching Ready

Few people these days’ doubt that we are living in turbulent times, or that there are many calls for getting ready for tougher times ahead, even “tribulations”. Whether these messages and calls are generated by church groups, governmental agencies or commercial for-profit entities offering products and advocating better preparation – the messages are essentially the same: “get prepared!”

Know Your Why

The grounding and most fundamental principle related to anything “preparation” is to “know your WHY”! When you know why you are Read More