Water: How not to go thirsty in a crisis!

What is it that makes water such an interesting subject? Why would 70 people show up on a Thursday evening to learn more about and join a group discussion about the nuances of water purification and storage? In a word – Thirst!

Water is obviously a basic fact of life. Consider drinking, sanitation, cooking, and simply staying healthy. In as quick as three days, we can succumb to dehydration – sooner for those with medical problems! Having clean, safe, and present water sources and storage are important – especially if conditions change quickly.

In many locations around the world (and even in the United States where we take it for granted) the luxury of turning on a tap and having safe clean water is not a reality. Consider the many situations that would threaten our access to clean ever-present water. To name a few: natural disasters – like earthquakes, volcanoes, floods; loss of Read More